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ABBITZ Offers 3″ to 6″ Dial-Size Indicators for the Measurement of Differential Pressure, Flow Rate and Liquid Level Applications ABBITZ Measurement Inc. manufactures a broad selection of indicators for a variety of safe working pressures and differential pressure ranges. Irrespective of their specific type, all models are actuated by the ABBITZ improved rupture-proof dual bellow and are designed specifically as drop in replacements for comparable Barton DP instruments. ABBITZ understands the Industry needs fast delivery, and we have developed a process that allows high priority units to be furnished  next day for most plant outage conditions. Our standard delivery is one to two weeks. The indicators are widely used for the measurement of differential pressure, liquid level, flow rate, liquified gases, jet engine/missile testing, aircraft ground support, water treatment process measurement, and air conditioning systems. Features include 3″, 4-1/2”, and 6″ (76, 114, and 152 mm) dial sizes, NEMA 4/IP65 rating on selected models, a wide variety of differential pressure ranges (including zero-center, and split ranges), and pulsation damping on certain models.

ABBITZ VS.Barton® 
ABBITZ Differential Pressure Indicators and SwitchesOur  DP Indicating Switches are available to the Commercial, Industrial and Military for liquid level indication and alarm actuation. They are also used to measure Differential Pressure and Flow of fluids and Gases with the ability of actuating a switch on increasing or decreasing differential pressures. Built as a drop in replacements for several Barton® models, the ABBITZ line of DP instruments has the same form, fit and function as the equivalent Barton® models. We have made improvements on some of the internal components. A comparison of the Barton® and the ABBITZ  can be seen on the chart below